Scientific and Medical Texts: Inform, Persuade, and Make a Mark.

You have interesting results. You want to present these to other scientists, your clients. A paper or brochure has to get written. But you’re short of time, experience or simply not sure of the words.

I can write the following types of text for you:
Full research articles
Case reports
Review articles
Press releases
Project reports
and others

Basis of our working relationship: The basis for these services is a detailed conversation with you about the subject matter. Coming to your project as an outsider, I can see where things are unclear, where information may be missing or what might be a source of misunderstandings.

Texts for different target groups: If I have enough information, I can quickly acquire a grasp of diverse scientific or medical fields, and write competently in them. If you need texts for non-scientists: Explaining complex issues accurately, but so that non-experts can understand them, is one of my strengths.

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